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keywords everywhere
keywords everywhere

So friend, if you are a blogger or you are a new blogger who does not do keyword research, then today I will tell you how to do keyword research for free from Keyword Everywhere for free.

So Keyword Everywhere is a Google extension that you can download for free, as shown in the photo below, follow this.

keywords everywhere

1. Download keywords everywhere extension

keywords everywhere

So first you have to go to Chrome Web Store and search for Keywords Everywhere and Download Now

Now you have to sign in Keyword Everywhere and you will get an email from Keyword Everywhere, which will contain your API code and you have to paste that API code in Settings. you can see in the photo above.

How To Use Keywords Everywhere?

First, you go to Google and search for anything on which you should write a blog.

keywords everywhere

When you do some search on Google, then this tool will give all the information on that keyword.

If you are a blogger and you need the best high CPC keyword, then you can use this tool. With the help of this tool, you can find out which keywords are high and low.

keywords everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a great tool, all new and pro bloggers use this tool.

keywords everywhere

Use Free Ubersuggest

So now with the help of UberSuggest, do your keyword research for free. paste your keyword and check keywords Overview.

keywords everywhere

So now, check the related backlinks of the keywords that you searched on keywords everywhere. and check your competitor backlink and beat them.

This tool will give you free related keyword ideas for free and you can copy and paste this keyword in your post.

So I hope you have come to know how to use Keyword Everywhere tool. If you have any question, then you can tell in the comment



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