How To Do Free Keyword Research

keyword research free tools
keyword research free tools free keyword research tool

Hey, Ninja Here.

Are you a beginner blogger and digital marketer and you want to do keyword research for free, then you come to the right place.

How To Do Free Keyword Research.

Today I will tell you my method of how to do keyword research for free.

So, friends, you have to install 2 extensions in Google first.

Go to google extension first
  Searching by Keyword lookup And Keyword Surfer. I will give ti both of keyword tool extension link below just download from here.

Install This Extension


This 2 Extension is work like keyword research tools.

Now go to the Google search tab and search anything for keyword research.

free keyword reaserch tools

As you can see here in this photo this 2 extension gives you accurate information about “SEO” keyword.

keyword research tools
free keyword research tools
keyword research free tools

Keyword surfer tools give you similar keyword information and much more information. This 2 extension work like keyword everywhere tools. keyword everywhere extension is now paid extension and lot of beginners not afford these tools.

Free backlink Tools

Ok, now next step is to copy your top ten competitors website post link and go to ahrefs free backlink tool. and paste the link and check backlink.

This free backlink tool gives you information about how many backlinks on your competitors link.

Here is my competitor have 15k backlink. if I want to rank my website on this keyword then I want 16k backlink on my post.

Ok, now you know how to do free keyword research.

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