9 Best Action Movies Of All Time


There is something about action movies that makes them really addicting. Is it the adrenaline rush of a good chase, the craziness of a twisted sci-fi plot, or the excitement of cars racing with each other in a post-apocalyptic setting? Whatever it may be, we simply love action movies and this love is mutual as talented producers keep on delivering amazing films that keep us glued to screens for hours. Here’s a list of 9 best action movies of all time you need to watch ASAP.

The Matrix (1999)

A truly
ground-breaking movie in terms of both plot and special effects, The Matrix
will take you into a dystopian world of human living inside a
machine-synthesized illusion, where their consciousness is trapped, while their
bodies are used as energy cells for the world of machines…sounds cool? This is
only the tip of the iceberg!

Kill Bill – Volume 1 (2003)

This movie is as creative as it is bloody. Starring Uma Thurman in the main role, the movie tells a story about betrayal, survival, and revenge. And fighting, lots and lots of beautifully staged fighting with blood unnaturally spilling all over the place. If you know something about Tarantino aesthetics, you know that it is а beautiful movie with amazing cast and music.

ill Bill – Volume 1 (2003) | 9 Best Action Movies Of All Time | Zestradar


Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard is
first film in the series of movies that basically kick-started the career of
Bruce Willis, making him the perfect action star we love so much today. This is
the first time we meet Detective McLane and watch him save the day in that very
charismatic way only can pull off. This is love at first sight.

Die Hard (1988) | 9 Best Action Movies Of All Time | Zestradar


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