8 Weirdest Facts Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know


Netflix hasn’t been around for a long time, yet it has definitely changed the way we view shows along with the whole new TV experience. Compared to other streaming services, it has an incredible amount of amazing TV shows and dramas, but there are also quite a lot of weird facts that keep popping up. Their rating system is totally bonkers and they wouldn’t think twice about revealing your personal info in order to do ads or earn some money. It seems the bigger Netflix is getting, the less respect it has for its viewers! Here are 8 weirdest facts Netflix doesn’t want you to know.

Netflix invented binge-watching and it’s creepy

Before Netflix there was literally no such
thing as binge-watching, but now you can do it all day long if you want to. As
unhealthy as it may sound, we grown-ups can choose whether to do it or not
according to our free time and how much money we have. Children, on the other
hand, are easily influenced with the whole TV show and games pop culture thing.
Netflix does something creepily weird – it encourages binge-watching by
creating special awards and badges for kids for watching certain TV shows. It
really doesn’t look good!

Their rating system sucks

As awful as the 5-star rating system might
have been, it gave you an option of leaving a commentary and a certain amount
of stars, explaining why exactly you liked the show or not. Well, now you can’t
even do that! Netflix decided that those reviews are unnecessary and simply
wiped them all away, cleaning everything for the new rating system – the simple
thumbs up/down kind of thing. But the amount of stars you saw wasn’t the actual
ranking of the show. It turns out Netflix puts people in groups by interests
according to the shows they watch, so you’d be shown only the ratings of that
group, not all people as a whole!

Their rating system sucks | 8 Weirdest Facts Netflix Doesn't Want You To Know | ZestRadar


Pirates are hunting for your account’s info

Netflix account info is incredibly popular
on the so-called dark Internet. Shady people would readily buy it in order to
get Netflix access without paying the full price for the shows and hackers would
use it to get access to personal information they could later use for scamming
you or the people you know.

Pirates are hunting for your account’s info | 8 Weirdest Facts Netflix Doesn't Want You To Know | ZestRadar


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