8 Characters That Got Deleted From Disney Movies


Disney has been creating animation films since 1937, when they released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which immediately became a hit. That was the beginning of a long a fruitful Disney era that brought us numerous animated movies and characters we simply can’t imagine our life without. What most people don’t realize is that during the creative process Disney ditched quite a huge number of characters that could, potentially, become our favourites. Sometimes there was not enough screen time or the character appeared to be not interesting enough, so the company just cut it out of the movie. Here’s a quick look at some of the characters that got deleted from Disney movies.

Vulture (Sleeping Beauty)

Vultures got a
bad rep and it’s certainly not easy for them to get into movies. This is what
happened to a vulture from New York (I know, right?) that was supposed to be
Maleficent’s sidekick in the Sleeping
motion picture. She got a non-talking raven as her helper instead.
Still, Disney didn’t forget about the grim bird and included vultures into
several other movies – Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, and Snow White and the
Seven Dwarfs.

Harold the Merman (The Little Mermaid)

Harold the
Merman is a nerdy guy that was supposed to appear in Little Mermaid as one of the ‘poor unfortunate souls’ that fell
prey to Ursula’s cunningness. He wanted to become strong and impress girls with
his muscles; instead he had to bring a fresh water lily to the witch. Of
course, it wasn’t season for those flowers, so the merman returned empty-handed
and was turned into a polyp. The movie was getting too long, so they had to cut
him out completely.

Harold the Merman (The Little Mermaid) | 8 Characters That Got Deleted From Disney Movies | ZestRadar


Aladdin’s mother (Aladdin)

It’s a real
treat for all Aladdin’s fans to have the ability to explore characters like
Aladdin’s mother. We don’t know much, though, only that her name is Zena and she
was as adventurous and ruthless as her son.

Aladdin’s mother (Aladdin)| 8 Characters That Got Deleted From Disney Movies | ZestRadar


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