7 Stars Who Changed Their Gender And Got Even More Successful



We’re living in a wonderful world where everyone is allowed
to be as different as they want to be, that includes changing not only their
appearance, but also their sex. This transformation is a complicated and
challenging process that requires love and support from family, friends, and
society as a whole. Of course, this is not always the case, especially when
celebs are involved. With journalists and photographers watching their every
step, it is hard for stars to go for this life altering experience. Yet, they
still do it! And you know what? They become even more famous as a result. Here
are 7 stars who changed their gender and got even more successful.

Geena Rocero

A successful model and a beautiful woman, Geena Rocero hasn’t
always looked this way. It’s hard to believe now that this gorgeous lady was
actually born a man! She came out about her being a transgender in 2014 after a
lifetime of successful modelling, and got even more famous afterwards! She is
an advocate for trans rights as well as a founder of the company called Gender

Lana Wachowski

The Wachowski sisters are well known all over the world for
the outstanding work on movies like The
, Cloud Atlas, V For Vendetta, and many more. Lana
Wachowski was the first one of the duo to change gender, her brother followed
in her footsteps a few years later. She even got a Human Rights Campaign’s
Visibility Award for the outstanding work she’d done. Lana confessed she came
out to be an inspiration for other like her out there.

Lana Wachowski | 7 Stars Who Changed Their Gender And Got Even More Successful | ZestRadar


Aydan Dowling

Can a transgender man be on the cover of Men’s Health? You bet he can! Meet Aydan Dowling, a professional
body-builder, a father, and a transgender activist. On his channel he reveals
the peculiarities of sports for transgender people as nearly no one is talking
about it.

Aydan Dowling | 7 Stars Who Changed Their Gender And Got Even More Successful | ZestRadar


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