14 Actors Who Refused to Play Superheroes


Would you turn down the chance to play a superhero in a movie? I know I probably wouldn’t (can you imagine the money?!), but there are plenty of very good actors that have. There are many reasons someone could do something like this: they don’t like the script, they’re not a fan of superheroes, they’re busy working on another movie, etc.

Here are 14 actors who refused to play superheroes!

Joaquin Phoenix (Doctor Strange)

Joaquin Phoenix is acting as
the Joker now, but back in the day he actually turned down the role of Doctor
Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It all turned out great for us (the
fans), because we got Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, but in a parallel
universe that role was played by Joaquin Phoenix. The reason he turned down the
role hasn’t been made public, but according to Joaquin himself, everyone
involved with the negotiations ended up being happy with the end result.

Jon Hamm (Green Lantern)

When Christian Bale retired
from being Bruce Wayne, the speculations about who’d play the next Batman
started. I didn’t really care, but when someone suggested Jon Hamm I started
paying attention! Hamm himself has said that he’d be happy to act as the caped
crusader, but he also revealed that in the past he’s been less enthusiastic
about playing superheroes. As a matter of fact, he turned down the role of
Green Lantern! I don’t blame him. I bet his agents could feel that the movie
would be a catastrophe, and that Hamm’s career wouldn’t survive the blow. He
doesn’t have the same level of self-irony as Ryan Reynolds.

 | 14 Actors Who Refused to Play Superheroes | ZestRadar

Tom Cruise (Iron Man)

What is it with short people
being offered the role of Tony Stark? I mean, I can’t possibly imagine Tom
Cruise in the role of Iron Man, but turns out he got offered the role and
turned it down. He even said yes at first, but then changed his mind. And
that’s how we got the absolute perfect Tony Stark by way of RDJ being cast for
the role.

Tom Cruise (Iron Man) | 14 Actors Who Refused to Play Superheroes | ZestRadar


Matt Damon (Daredevil)

In 2003 Matt Damon chose not
to play Daredevil because he was a big fan of the movie and the script for the
film didn’t live up to his high expectations. But Ben Affleck didn’t turn the
role down. In the end, the movie was kinda disappointing (by no fault of Ben,
who was great!).

Matt Damon (Daredevil) | 14 Actors Who Refused to Play Superheroes | ZestRadar

Amandla Stenberg (Shuri)

Some actor’s reasons for
turning down roles are very socially-conscious. For example Amandla Stenberg
turned down the role of Princes Shuri in Black Panther because she felt that
the role should go to someone who has darker skin. She later told Vanity Fair
that it was a “really challenging, to
make that decision, but I have no regrets. I recognize 100 percent that there
are spaces that I should not take up.”

Amandla Stenberg (Shuri) | 14 Actors Who Refused to Play Superheroes | ZestRadar


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