10 Best Celebrity Selfies Of 2019


We’re used to celebs looking glamorous on TV and beautiful magazine covers. But it’s 2019 and most of them have social media now which means they take and post selfies just like the common people. And let’s be honest some of those selfies make us wonder how can they be so superior to us and look so incredible all the time, and some of the selfies they post just prove to us that they’re just as human as we are and they don’t always wear makeup and that they do in fact have pores. So let’s take a look at some of the best celebrity selfies of 2019.

1. Kesha posted this incredible makeup-free selfie earlier this year
and captioned it “this year my resolution
is to love myself… just as I am. And to let my freckles liiiiiiiive”.
we love every freckle!

2. Zendaya posted a makeup-free video that just made us all jealous of
her flawless skin. Did you know that Zendaya does her own makeup a lot of the
time? It’s because she has a look she’s going for and it’s easier to do
yourself than to explain it to makeup artists. But it’s really cool that she
also feels completely comfortable posting makeup-free selfies and videos on her

Zendaya | 10 Best Celebrity Selfies Of 2019 | ZestRadar


3. Zo Kravitz shared this cosy makeup-free selfie and captioned it “ IM 30 AF”. We all wish we looked like that when we’re thirty.

4. It’s hard to pick just one selfie with J Lo because…well
because she’s J Lo. But we thought these two were absolutely brilliant. In the
first one, she’s so glamorous yet the photo itself is something we can all
relate to, you know, when you want to take couple selfies and your bae is just
on his phone, ignoring you. And in the second one she’s all sweaty after a
workout but look at that bedazzled cup in the shot. J Lo is all about

JLo | 10 Best Celebrity Selfies Of 2019 | ZestRadar


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